Services we provide

Services we provide

Being time served and highly skilled builders means we can offer all of our clients the following building services.

DrawnHouse is an architectural design and renovation company based in London. We work throughout the country. We offer a tailor made service to create beautiful drawings to get planning permission for extensions, renovations and new build projects. We will work with you to create your dream home by utilising the latest in 3D technology, communication and visualisations of proposed spaces. Clarity and originality are the driving factors for our cutting edge architectural design and management practice. Our services include step by step stages and the option for us to manage the process throughout for you and include the following options: Project management, Architectural services, Planning permission, Building regulation, Loft conversion, House extension. We will make building your dream home an enjoyable and positive experience.

We provide a range of services including:
  • Architectural services
  • Planning permission
  • Building regulation
  • Loft conversion
  • House extension
  • New houses
What We Do

DrawnHouse work with you to create your dream home. By utilising the latest in 3D technology, along with clear communication and visualisations of proposed spaces, we can complete your project with you. Clarity and originality are the driving factors for our cutting edge architectural design and management practice.Our stage process takes you from your initial design brief through to your completed project.

Creation Pack Detail

Planning Searches

We will run planning searches on your property to ascertain its planning history. We check for previous developments (lawful and unlawful), Article 4 Directions and your Local Authority’s held status of your site. We explore your Permitted Development Rights and confirm the full planning opportunities and constraints attached to your property.

Existing Home Model

A full laser survey will be carried out and used to create your existing site model. This survey will also capture critical information about your site’s condition to establish core service networks and any onsite construction.

Design Meeting

During this onsite creative session one of our Architectural Designers will give you the unique opportunity to explore all of the ideas (and concerns) you may have about your project. During the meeting you will discover the best way to add space to your home and learn how to optimise your budget. We will also be able to answer any questions that you may have, for instance; planning, design style, materials, home technologies, build costs, timelines etc...

Concept Design

The design team bring your potential project to life in 3D, including rendered visualisations, internal and external images. This aspect of your Model Projects creation pack will enable you to imagine the proposed spaces and envisage the true potential of your home.

Budget Analysis

A key aspect of your feasibility report will be the cost of the project. Model Projects provides you with an initial approximate build cost and market analysis of the proposed design. This allows you to review the true feasibility.

Project Plan

The final element of your Creation Pack is your project plan. This provides you with details of all the services that you will require for your personal project such as; planning applications, party wall applications, engineer calculations, utilities applications etc. Some, if not all of these requirements, will need to be completed prior to commencement of building works.